Volunteer Opportunities

If any of the below opportunities interest you,  please email us at: volunteer@survivoralliance.org
Additionally, we'd love to hear from you if you have an volunteering idea that is not listed below!

Translation Volunteers -

Translation volunteers are essential to our work at Survivor Alliance. By translating our materials, you help us simplify the enrolment process for survivors whose first language isn't English. You also improve the accessability of our membership resources.

You don't need to be formally trained as a translator to volunteer for us - if you think you can do better than Google Translate, then that's great! Some sensitivity to non-profit and public sector language will help.

     (One-time) - Polish, Albanian, Bengali

     This is a one-time commitment that involves translating our Membership Enrolment
     Document. The document is 5 A4 pages long.

     (Ongoing: Monthly) - French, German, Vietnamese, Spanish

     This involves a monthly translation of sections from our Membership Newlsetter.

Website Volunteers -

     This is an ongoing commitment, where you will help us by updating our website's content.
     Basic knowledge regarding website development is required. 

Events Volunteers -

As Survivor Alliance, we host a variety of events; such as membership-only gatherings, awareness and fundraising events, milestone celebrations, and survivor-led trainings. You can support us by joining us as a volunteer at these events. Alternatively, you can help us with event preparation, organisation and administration. 

    Current event volunteer requests include -

Donation Volunteers -

Donation Volunteers support us by organising donation drives for specific materials, which directly benefit our members and our organisation! By ensuring that our members have access to essential materials such as laptops, you empower their professional development and join us in our mission.

    Current needs include -

    1. Used but functioning laptops

    2. Food vouchers