What does it mean to join the Survivor Alliance?

  • Be a part of an international, professional, network of survivors of human trafficking and slavery.
  • Receive optional free consultation on your bio and/or resume.
  • Gain access to a free online digital community space to connect with other survivor leaders.
  • Opt in to our email newsletter where we forward consulting and leadership opportunities.
  • Attend optional survivor only events.
  • Uphold the Membership Manifesto and help us build a collaborative international survivor network.

We believe in speaking with each other instead of for each other.

We are not “voices for the voiceless”. Each of us has a voice. Some express themselves through public speaking or writing, some through community action, and others through creative outlets like art or photography. We speak from our own experiences and empower each other to be heard.

We recognize that our experiences are unique and diverse.

We recognize that the United Nations’ definition of human trafficking is broad and that each survivor’s experience is unlikely to represent all forms and dynamics of human trafficking. Therefore, we strive to unite in order to educate each other about the diversity in our experiences and to connect the most appropriate survivor(s) with each opportunity.

We believe that the power of “we” is stronger than the power of “me”.

With such a large and diverse group of survivors, we may not always agree. However, when we do agree, a collective voice will allow us to put pressure on lawmakers, stand together against injustice, pool together resources, and so much more.

We will prioritize our own health and well-being first.

We recognize the importance of leading by example. In order to be effective leaders, activists, mentors, and community members, we will prioritize our own health and well-being first.

We will promote a trauma-informed approach.

We recognize that traumatic events are common around the world. As such, we recognize that any person, not just survivors of human trafficking, may suffer long-lasting effects from trauma. Therefore, we will promote a trauma-informed approach among all encounters, including and especially in any encounter involving a survivor of human trafficking.

We will promote unity and guard against divisiveness.

With such a large and diverse group of survivors, we realize that personalities and perspectives may clash. Above all else, we will find common ground in our past victimization and our goal to prevent human trafficking, protect victims, and empower survivors. We expect everyone to promote unity and guard against divisiveness.

We commit to working through challenges and conflict in a respectful manner.

We believe that differences in perspectives are natural and beneficial. However, when challenges and conflicts arise, we will respond professionally and seek to resolve them in a civil and respectful manner. We do not promote a “call out” culture. We encourage survivors to talk to one another directly about disagreements. If a conflict cannot be resolved, we expect all parties to continue to behave in a professional and cordial manner.

We recognize that everyone has an important role in the anti-slavery and anti- trafficking movement.

We believe that all survivors can play a role in the anti-slavery and anti-trafficking movement if they want to. There is no requirement to do so and there is no requirement to be in the public eye. Each survivor is on a unique journey and must decide for themselves how, or if, they want to be involved.

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